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A game of magic and mysteries, Opus Magi features 12 esoteric schools of magic, 12 prosaic careers for adventure, a blend of mystical artifacts and high-tech, as well as 13 magical domains which allow you to craft your own spells on-the-fly in-game. Opus Magi uses an easy but robust game mechanic (Cepheus Engine D6).
The Arsophical Society in London wants to hire you to track down and take back a mystical artifact stolen from them years ago by nobleman Sir Dunsay. Sir Dunsay is a powerful mage as well as a crafty fox, and you'll need to use both your wits and skill to penetrate his mansion. A free introductory adventure for Opus Magi.
The Opus Magi core rulebook comes with several of pregenerated player characters as well as a host of non-player characters. But, the Opus Magi website has even more pregenerated characters in fillable PDF's, which makes playing your character online quick and easy. Pregen characters include prosaic careers, esoteric schools, and psions.
Opus Magi: Hidden Ways. Aephixus Enterprises has launched an attack on the London branch of the Arsophical Society after the PC's raid on the mansion of Sir Dunsay on behalf of the Society. Madam Reilly has called the PC's back to London to help, possibly with new members.
The Catacombs of Paris. On their own they are one of the most macabre, creepiest places on the planet. Hardly a place the depths of which one would want to be wantonly thrown. Yet, this is exactly where the player characters suddenly appear, magically gated deep into this graveyard of millions.
Psions have become one of the most popular characters in Opus Magi. However, the core rulebook has only one character Playbook for Psion. The materials here are an expansion of the Psion character, including new Talents, Abilities, Playbooks, psionic tools, and pregen characters.
Opus Magi: Anima Machinae - golems & more!
Opus Magi: Daughters of Dunsay (coming soon)
Opus Magi: Daughters of Dunsay
Opus Magi: Clone of the Magician (coming soon)
Opus Magi: Clone of the Magician
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